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Six drawings by Hendra Gunawan (1918-1983), ink on paper, made during his trip via Suez to east Berlin in 1951. Three signed and dated, sizes between 27 x 31 cm and 27 x 35 cm (all unframed). Hendra visited the The Third World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS), which was organised by the World Federation of Democratic Youth. The third WFYS was held in a period of growing international tension between the Soviet Union and the western powers; it took place against the background of the Korean War and the spread of communism in Central Europe and China. The motto of the festival was: For Peace and Friendship – Against Nuclear Weapons. Provenance: given by the son of Hendra Gunawan to the current owner in 1970 when he bought two paintings (these paintings were sold at auction in Singapore, 2001).

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